November 2014 - Martsolf completed his largest wood sculpture, a 2 meter tall structure titled "Intimacy".  The title comes from two independent structures that are joined by small wood cylinders at two locations for overall stability of the entire piece.  The piece is constructed of stained and polyurethaned poplar rectangular solids joined by small cylinders to cubic poplar joints, all attached to a green-stained and framed base.

"Intimacy" - 1 meter wide by 2 meters high (3' 4" x 6' 8" - 2014 - $5250 USD

"Intimacy" with Emma and Dave Martsolf - $5250 USD

If you feel more comfortable purchasing artwork from a dedicated business web site click here or on any image to go to Absolute Arts where all of Martsolf's wood sculptures are available.

Note:  All of Martsolf's smaller wood sculptures below were designed with scalability in mind.  As such these originals can be thought of as models for larger outdoor wood sculpture installations pieces suitable for private, corporate, or museum landscaping projects.  Contact the artist for details (see Contact tab above).

The wood sculptures below were made with small pieces of poplar stained in two shades, polished with Minwax and assembled to a stained pine base 16" x 17" x 5" high, suitable for table or wall-hanging display. Each wood sculpture is available for purchase at $472 USD.

"Knossos" - 16" x 17" x 5" - 2013 - wood sculpture - $472

"Woodhenge" - 16" x 17" x 5" - 2013 - wood sculpture - $472

"Wood Construction #1" - 16" x 17" x 6" - 2013 - wood sculpture - $472

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