September 2017 - Added a "Recent Work" tab to my home website which I encourage you to visit. Enjoy!

August 2017 - Three of Dave Martsolf's surreal oil paintings have been selected to be included in the "Dreams 3" online exhibition at Gallery 25N's website opening on August 9th. and will co-market the artists and art exhibition through an electronic mailing list of 26,100 subscribers of "Art Market News" and through all popular social media vehicles.

Dave Martsolf's contemporary surreal art is also represented by exclusive on-line Vertex Art Gallery as one of several major contemporary artists. 

In 2013 Fine Artist Dave Martsolf began the exploration of true 3D space with the construction of wood sculpture / architectural models in preparation for larger outdoor installations suitable for private, public, corporate, or museum landscaping projects. 

Click HERE to see these complex geometrical pieces.

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Dave Martsolf Press Release

An exhibition of Martsolf's major realist and surrealist works has recently closed at Galatea Fine Art on Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA with a very positive review from . 

Take a recorded tour of the show here with this YouTube video of
Unbridled Imagination.

The exhibit featured 10 major surreal oil paintings. These pieces or others of similar size and complexity, as well as a large collection of framed surreal watercolors are available for exhibition in 2016 throughout New England and New York. Contact for open dates or  call 1-603-568-0415. 

Original surrealism oil paintings and drawings: e-mail .





To purchase individual works of surreal art, please use the following links: Art prints:

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New England Photo fine Arts offers you the choice of original art work or prints, either on canvas or high quality photo paper in multi-image prefabricated installations or as single images.  You can browse through galleries of art organized around subjects and styles that have interest for you (click on the Exhibits word here or on the tab above).